The Complaints Process

International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists is obliged to give the member an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Therefore, the complainant's authorization is sought to release the complaint to the athletic therapist.

IBCAT sends a copy of the complaint and authorization to the athletic therapist in question, who is asked to respond. A copy of the athletic therapist's response is then sent to the complainant for comments, if any.

It is the responsibility of IBCAT to ensure that a fair and thorough investigation of each complaint is conducted and that an appropriate decision is made based on the results of the investigation. An investigator will collect all relevant information by obtaining and reviewing relevant records and documents and by interviewing the complainant, member and any other related persons. IBCAT will then review the investigator's report.

IBCAT provides a written decision on formal complaints. It may decide to take any of the following action:

  • Discipline the member;
  • Caution the member;
  • Dismiss the allegations;
  • Take any other action it considers appropriate that is not inconsistent with the regulations or by-laws of the IBCAT.