All athletic therapists should make sure the following guidelines are followed:

  • An advertisement must be accurate, factual and contain information that is verifiable. It should readily be comprehensible by the persons to whom it is directed.

  • An advertisement may:
    • Name a specific service, technique and/or product but cannot claim superiority or endorse the exclusive use of such services, techniques or products;

    • Offer an initial complimentary consultation.

  • Any advertisement with respect to a athletic therapist's practice must not contain:
    • Anything false or misleading;

    • A guaranteed success of care;

    • Any comparison to another member's or other health care provider's practice, qualifications or expertise;

    • Any expressed or implied endorsement or recommendation for the exclusive use of a product or brand of equipment used to provide services;

    • Material that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

  • An athletic therapist may advertise his/her fee for athletic therapy services provided:
    • The advertisement contains accurate, complete and clear disclosure of what is and what is not included in the fee;

    • There are no hidden fees/costs;

    • The athletic therapist does not bill a third-party payor for the complimentary portion of the treatment service;

    • The advertisement expressly states the timeframe to be honoured for any complimentary or discounted treatment service;

    • The advertisement does not limit the offer to a certain number of participants;

    • No obligation is placed on the patient & Client for follow-up appointments as a result of the complimentary or discounted treatment service;

    • The advertisement is presented in a professional manner that maintains the dignity of the athletic therapy profession.